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Back Rehabilitation Program/Outpatient Rehab Services 




Program Description:

The back rehabilitation program is dedicated to enhancing and increasing functional mobility increasing the ability to perform activities of daily living and reducing the patients focus on pain.

Patient Profile:

Patients with spinal disorders including joint and muscular problems, post-spinal patients, sports injuries, and work related injuries.


Patients are referred to the back rehabilitation program by physicians and nurse practioners.  The referring physcian will be updated with the patient's progress on a weekly basis or more frequently if needed.


  • Therapist provides a comprehnesive evaluation
  • Treatment with emphasis on a manual therapy and exercise based approach
  • Modalities used as an adjunct when necessary
  • Highly individualized program with patient receiving a comprehensive exercise program
  • Education in body mechanics, ergonomic analysis, posture assessment and gait analysis
  • Work conditioning
  • Recommendations for adaptives equipment and assistive gait devices
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