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Choosing A New Doctor 

Beyond the Yellow Pages: Choosing a New Doctor

Making a list of the qualities you want in a physician is a good first step. You may take into consideration whether you want a male or female doctor. The language the doctor speaks may also be a factor. Then go back over your list and determine which qualities matter most. When you decide what attributes you want in a doctor, you then need to decide what type of doctor you want.

A family practitioner treats your family regardless of age. If you have children, a family practitioner will likely be more familiar with problems or illnesses that affect your entire family. If you choose a pediatrician for your children, he or she may be savvier to the ever-changing information related to infants and children.

An internist treats only adults and often specializes in one area, like cardiology, while geriatricians treat older adults.

Consider talking to friends, relatives, co-workers and other health professionals for suggestions.

Your insurance may also play a role in the doctor you choose. Your insurance company may provide you with a list of doctors available in your new neighborhood. Ask about the backgrounds of the doctors on that list.

Once you decide on a doctor, set an appointment with him or her for an interview. Use the time to find out about his or her competence. Make sure the doctor listens carefully. Pay attention to the language the doctor uses. Is it clear and explanatory? If you feel comfortable, set an appointment for a checkup. Afterward evaluate the attention you received. Did you feel comfortable? Were your questions answered?

Choosing a doctor is an important decision. Choosing the right doctor could be the best decision you make for your good health. To find a doctor in your area, call 1-888-TENET-4U or click here to use our online tool.

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