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Weight Loss Surgery Seminars 

Weight Loss Support Group

The Surgical Weight-Loss Program at Park Plaza Hospital has established a support group that allows weight-loss patients to share their experiences with others who understand and support their goals. This group will help you deal with potential concerns and questions you may have, including matters related to self-image and your pre-surgery behavior patterns.

Just as important, our support group helps manage expectations. For example, you will see that for all of its benefits, weight-loss surgery does not provide instant relief from exisiting emotional problems or offer immediate solutions to the problems that stem from a lifetime of obestity.

We believe that participating in this group plays an important role in your recovery. More than that, it can also contribute significantly to your long-term success in maintaining a healthy weight. 

Weight-loss Support Group Schedule

2nd Thursday of each month


Park Plaza Hospital: 1313 Ewing Drive Houston, TX 77004

5th Floor North Tower, Diabetes/Bariatric Classroom 

To reserve your seat, call 713-527-5027

For more information about our surgical weight-loss program and affiliated support groups, please contact:

Zola Lander, Bariatric Program Manager, at 713-527-5027

Renee Barron, Registered Dietician, at 713-285-1527

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