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Hand and Upper Extremity Program/Outpatient Rehab Services 




Program Description:

The hand and upper extremity program focuses on rehabilitation to include hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, arms, and shoulders.  All evaulations are performed by an occupational therapist and conditions are treated by the therapist and therapist assistant.

Patient Profile:

Patients with injuries resulting from traumatic events, cumulative trauma disorders (CTD's), to include carpel tunnel syndrome and De Quervains, arthritic conditions including swan neck, Boutoniere, mallet finger, and claw finger deformities.  Patients with infectious diseases, burns, and neurological conditions are also seen.


Patient referrals are received from any licensed medical doctor with may include primary care physicians, orthopedic physicians, plastic surgeons, infectious disease specialists or rheumatologists.  The referring physician is updated on a monthly basis or more frequently if needed.


  • Occupational therapist performs an initial evaluation to assess the patient's condition
  • The patient is provided with splints if needed.  Splints vary from the basic static splint to dynamic splints, to complex static progressive splints, fabricated specifically for each individual's needs.
  • The patient may be provided with whirlpool and wound care if needed.
  • Exercise programs are gauged to achieve the level of stress needed, based on the patient's status post-injury or surgery
  • Patient may receive a variety of modalities including, but not limited to manual therapy, ultrasound, functional electric stimulation, scar management, splint fabrication, serial casting, iontophoresis, edema control desensitization and galvanic stimulation.
  • Other services include patient education, work analysis, ergonomics, sensory re-education and motor re-education

For more information call 713-527-5451

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