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Speech, Language, & Voice Program/Outpatient Rehab Services 

Program Description:

The speech, language, and voice program focuses on improving functional communication skills within the patient's home, work, and social enviroment.  All evaluation and treatment is performed by a speech-language pathologist.

Patient Profile:

Patient with aphasia (difficulty with understanding or using language), dysarthria (slurred speech), apraxia (difficulty with motor planning), dysphonia (hoarseness) and all other problems resulting from stroke, brain injury, cancer, or neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis.


Patient referrals are received from any licensed medical doctor.  These include primary care physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, otolaryngologist, internists, and family practice physicians.


  • Speech-language pathologist performs an initial evaulation to assess patient's needs.
  • Patient's may be provided with a variety of therapy techniques including expressive language therapy, receptive language therapy, cognitive retraining for memory, thought organization, voice therapy and articulation therapy to improve functional intelligibility
  • Augmentiative communication devices may be provided as appropriate
  • Patient and family training to facilitate carry-over of learned techniques in the home and work enviroments
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